Montenegro Property A Home For All


International real estate buyers considering buying property abroad need to consider Montenegro. This Adriatic State has witnessed a flurry of activity from those keen to get a foothold on a relatively new market. Investors looking for a quick Buck and those who like renovation projects are now being replaced by buyers who want a home of their own in the region. Resale property market is as yet untested brand new off plan properties are a great way to enter this soon to explode property hotspot

Montenegro it is one of the most southern European states and faces the south part of the Adriatic Sea. About 500km from Rome, 1.500 km from Paris, and Berlin, and about 2.000km west from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.

So what is the attraction of owning a property in Montenegro? The regions natural unspoilt beauty that includes beaches, mountains, and fjords makes this place a visitor’s paradise.

History has seen that where tourism thrives so does the overseas property market. It makes sense that those who fall in love with a place whilst on holiday will want to have a more permanent place their. Potential buyers will also see that other tourist love the region and this fact may mean that a property bought in Montenegro could provide an income. The World Travel and Tourism Council reports that Montenegro visitor numbers are anticipated to rise on average 9.9 per cent each year until 2015

My top tips when buying a property in Real estate Kotor Montenegro Montenegro all revolve around using a truly independent and reputable law firm to conduct the buying process. Title can be an issue and the last thing you want is someone claiming it’s their land after you have paid your money. Your lawyer will examine the title deeds this is hugely important with land being taken from its owners in communist times and split up into parcels of land for the poor. The original owners may want to stake a claim to what was threes.

Overseas buyers should familiarise themselves with popular regions including one of Montenegro property hot spots in Kotor Bay and the town of Kotor.

The relatively new market is proving to be a great place for all types of international buyers and all indications point to the continuing succes